WPSiteSync v1.5.4 Ready for Action!

New Release WPSiteSync WordPress blog post page content sync

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of WPSiteSync v1.5.4. This release has several fixes and enhancements to make synchronizing content between two sites easier than ever before. Whether you perform all of your work on a locally developed or staging site, we know you’ll find WPSiteSync to be a huge time-saver in your development workflow.

One of the biggest enhancements, though, is one you won’t see right away. This release includes full support for our WooCommerce extension which is in its final stages of beta testing. We expect to release WPSiteSync for WooCommerce next week! That means you’ll be able to maintain a proper workflow on your eCommerce sites powered by WooCommerce without the need to perform your work on a live site. We’ll have more details to follow as we near the release.

For this release, we’ve done the following:

  • Fix: Address MultiSite activation issue by switching back to original blog instead of using restore_current_blog(). (Thanks Fabrizim)
  • Fix: Address Unicode encoded characters getting double encoded on Target site after Push operation. (Thanks Miguel D.)
  •  Fix: Recalculate content length/block offset when Block Content is changed via add-on/filter (Thanks Patrick W.)
  •  Fix: Correctly update parent_post values for child attachments on Target site.
  •  Fix: Handle incorrect “unescaping” of quotes contained within JSON strings in meta data. (Thanks Mark A.)
  •  Enhancement: Detect non-JSON API responses and display more informational error message. (Thanks Eric M.)
  •  Enhancement: When authentication fails with error 0, add message about disbling Two-Factor Authentication. (Thanks Jason T.)
  •  Enhancement: Implement shortcode parsing and updating of post ID references within shortcodes for all standard WP shortcodes.
  •  Enhancement: Add checking of API response Content Type and provide error if not application/json.
  •  Enhancement: Add optional data to notification messages
  •  Enhancement: Allow for filtering of API data within Javascript before AJAX calls.
  •  Enhancement: Add signaling of Javascript callbacks with API result value after “Push to Target” is clicked.
  •  Enhancement: Improve parser for Gutenberg data allowing for better handling of simple array references.
  •  Enhancement: Detect changes to tinyMCE editor content (in addition to textareas) and display “Save changes” message.
  •  Enhancement: Allow handling of relative URL references to images in the Media Library. (Thanks Ryan J.)
  •  Enhancement: Allow HTTP connections to a local Target site when used with Airplane Mode plugin.
  •  Enhancement: Add new Category synchronization for the Latest Posts Gutenberg Block.
  •  Enhancement: Added ability to use define() statements to configure Target, Username and Password to use for Syncing. (Thanks David S.)
  •  Enhancement: Add define() for WPSiteSync debug mode and log file location.
  •  Enhancement: Rewrote parsers and accessor methods that handle manipulation of Gutenberg JSON content.

To get the latest version of WPSiteSync, existing users only need to do an update from your WordPress Dashboard. If you have not yet used it, you can start for free by downloading it from the WordPress Repository.

We hope that you enjoy this new update and always welcome any feedback you have in order for us to help you with an efficient WordPress Development Workflow.

Thank you!

The ServerPress Team
(Dave, Gregg, Marc, and Steve)

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