WPSiteSync v1.4 Now Available

Are you one of the people that had an opportunity to download and play with the latest Release Candidate to WPSiteSync? We’ve added some functionality for the Beaver Builder Extension and  Gutenberg compatibility.

Because of your helpful feedback we are pleased to announce the release of WPSiteSync v1.4. If you have already installed it, you should see an update notice in your WordPress Dashboard. If you have not tried it out yet, you can find it in the WordPress.org Repository.

Change Log:

  • fix: fix conversion of url to file path when Pushing media content (Thanks Jocelyn M.)
  • fix: fix conversion of mis-matched schemes in Source Content (Thanks Jocelyn M.)
  • enhancement: add features to help implement multiple Targets sites feature
  • fix: fixup url encoded Source domain references to Target domain (Thanks Jocelyn M.)
  • enhancement: add notices at start/end of Push queue processing
  • enhancement: improve handling of serialized meta data containing URL references (Thanks Rob H./Jadran B.)
  • enhancement: handle pushing of images referenced on CDNs (Thanks Rob H./Jadran B.)
  • enhancement: add failover for obtaining contents of images
  • fix: maintain upload location of Source files on Target site (Thanks Bradley S.)
  • enhancement: updates to Gutenberg UI elements
  • enhancement: better handling of inputs on Settings page
  • enhancement: add information on featured image to Content Deatils
  • enhancement: improve messaging/descriptions on Settings page
  • enhancement: improve handling of image references and mapping to attachment id (Thanks Erin M.)
  • fix: improve error checking on API calls to Target site (Thanks Erin M.)
  • enhancement: added available extensions to Settings page
  • enhancement: added minimum user role to have access to WPSiteSync metabox UI (Thanks Dave H.)
  • Added: features for the Beaver Builder Extension
  • Added: Gutenberg compatibility

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