Is WPSiteSync a Migration or Syncing Tool?

WPSiteSync by ServerPress featured in WPTavern

What an endorsement! Jeff Chandler at WPTavern gave WPSiteSync a glowing review.  If you haven’t had a chance to review it, please take a look. We are pretty hyped about it and would love for you to be a part of our excitement.

According to Jeff , “After configuring the source site, pressing a button and having content synced to another site in record time feels magical.”

Migration Tool or Syncing Tool?

Besides great feedback from the Community on how we can make our Pricing clearer on the Home page (which we really appreciate), we noticed that the consistent theme was some confusion on whether to label WPSiteSync as a Migration tool or a Content Syncing tool. So, let me explain…

Currently, what WPSiteSync is great for is Migrating or Syncing an isolated Blog Post or Page Content (Menus and Bulk Actions Sync are coming soon for Premium Members!).  This was specifically designed so that you can save time and energy NOT having to download and upload the entire site database for small changes. A single Push of a button will magically Sync the Content data.

This was revolutionizing to us because we were all Web Consultants at one point in our lives. We saw how much time it could have saved us modifying Content during a project launch.  We wish we had something like this. We also saw the benefit as an ongoing website management tool!

WPSiteSync, however, was not designed to Migrate an entire site. There are many super awesome tools out there for that. Our goal with this Product was to solve a problem many Developers face with no obvious solution in the WordPress Community.

Being able to sync Isolated Content solves the problem of overwriting or deleting existing data, such as comments or eCommerce purchases, that can happen when you use a full site migration tool.

WPSiteSync can be utilized between multiple sites when you are looking for a quick content Sync.  The combinations are infinite!

Isolated Content: Local → Staging
Isolated Content: Staging → Live
Isolated Content: Local → Staging → Live
Isolated Content: Staging → Staging
Isolated Content: Live → Live → Live

Adding WPSiteSync for Pull to your toolbox will allow Pulling features, making WPSiteSync a Bidirectional Syncing Tool. Some examples are:

Isolated Content: Local ←→ Staging
Isolated Content: Staging ←→ Live
Isolated Content: Local ←→ Staging ←→ Live
Isolated Content: Staging ←→ Staging
Isolated Content: Live ←→ Live ←→ Live


Once WPSiteSync is activated on the Source and Target Sites, it works beautifully! We’ve gotten feedback that Users have literally sat in front of their computers Syncing Content back and forth just to see the Magic!

A small percentage of our Users did run into some issues during Activation. Because WPSiteSync implements a Custom API, there many be compatibility issues with the themes and plugins being used on your site OR hosting.  It’s also unable to connect via it’s API if there is a “Coming Soon” plugin active on the Target site. If you are experiencing any issues with configuring and using WPSiteSync, we would love to hear from you so we can continue addressing these in our Code base as they are reported.

If you are a WPSiteSync for Content (Free Version) User, you can visit the Support Forum for possible solutions. Our Support Department is available on Fridays 10am to 12noon PST for Live assistance in the Forum. Alternatively, you can contact us through the ServerPress support ticket system. We will help out as soon as we can. However, we cannot guarantee the response time.

If you have a Premium Membership with WPSiteSync, we offer Priority service. Our Support Team is available at your finger tips between Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm PST. We are always happy to assist.


Quickly Migrate Content From One WordPress Site to Another With WPSiteSync

Further, our very own Marc Benzakein was interviewed for the WPTavern article.  He talked about the product direction of WPSiteSync with Jeff.  Marc also shared our Vision of helping Developers create a work-life Balance while establishing a lucrative business model.

At ServerPress, the goal is to create more seamless Workflow tools, such as DesktopServer and WPSiteSync, for Developers so you can focus on what you do best!  So, don’t be shy!  Let us know what features you wish to have that will make your job easier as a Designer, Developer, or WordPress Enthusiast.  We want to know.

WPSiteSync by ServerPress Content Sync blog posts and pages

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