WPSiteSync for WooCommerce RELEASED! Can We Get a WOO WOO?!?

WPSiteSync for WooCommerce

It’s been a long time in the making. Build after build. Test after test. Update after update. But it’s finally here! We are proud to announce WPSiteSync for WooCommerce. At long last, you can carry your best workflow practice beyond deployment of your site. With WPSiteSync for WooCommerce you’ll be able to continue to do work on your local or staging site while maintaining the ability to only send the content you’ve updated to your live site. Need to add a bunch of products? No need to do it during a maintenance window. Do it offline and send it up when it’s done and tested.

WPSiteSync for WooCommerce can save you a ton in lost revenue because it will allow your product to be ready when YOU’RE ready.

You know how important it is to test before you put something in production. Gone are the days of performing a full deployment every time you have an update. With WPSiteSync, you simply click a button and send what you want WHEN you want.

WPSiteSync for WooCommerce allows you to synchronize WooCommerce products between your WordPress sites. It’s perfect for making edits in your local or staging environment and then Pushing these changes to your Live site with the simple click of a button.

WPSiteSync for WooCommerce v1.0 Features:

  • Syncs Product Information including taxonomies (product categories and tags), product image, image galleries, tax settings, shipping classes, pricing, etc. are all copied to the Target site.
  • Will not overwrite new customers, sales information, product reviews, or other data on your Live Site.
  • Update only  the product information that you want, when you want.
  • Supports shortcodes and Gutenberg Blocks. If you create any content using the Gutenberg Page editor or use WooCommerce shortcodes in your content, these will be correctly handled ensuring accurate content between your sites.

Please note: WPSiteSync for WooCommerce works with all product types provided in the core WooCommerce plugin. Some additional product types such as Membership or Subscriptions may not synchronize correctly depending on how complex those products are. We will be adding full support for these product types soon. Due to the complexity of some plugins, some other features created by additional WooCommerce and third-party plugins may not work so testing is highly recommended to ensure your specific set of plugins is fully supported before using this in your Production Environment.

Check out the WPSiteSync for WooCommerce extension today. Our normal price will be $99.00 but you can get in on early-bird pricing of $79.00. Your $79.00 Subscription Renewal will remain in place even after the price increase, so you will maintain the best pricing available.

Of course, you can save even more by buying the Premium Membership Bundle (A $700+ Value), currently priced at $149.95. Not only does it include WPSiteSync for WooCommerce, but it also includes all of the Premium Extensions in our rapidly expanding library. You read right. That’s more than a $700 value if you were to buy them all separately. Check them out (links below) and let us know what you think!

If you’re currently a Premium Bundle Subscriber, all you need to do to get the WooCommerce Extension is visit your Account Page. You’ll find WPSiteSync for WooCommerce under your Downloads Tab.

If you’d like to get started for free, download the free WPSiteSync for Content Plugin from the WordPress Repository and give it a whirl. This will help you to see how it works and how simple it is to update content like Posts and Pages. When you’re ready to upgrade and use our Premium Extensions, visit us on our website and sign up!

As you can tell, we’re extremely excited about this release and we know that once you use it, you will be, too.

Thanks, and we look forward to serving your current and future WordPress Workflow needs.

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