WPSiteSync for Content v1.3.3 Released

WPSiteSync bidirectional real time WordPress Content Sync Posts, Pages and Menu

Announcing the release of WPSiteSync for Content v1.3.3. This release provides some bug fixes as well as code necessary for future extensions (coming soon). For more information, please read the Changelog below. WPSiteSync for Content can be downloaded in the WordPress Repository either through the WordPress Dashboard or from WordPress.org repository.

== Changelog ==
= 1.3.3 – Jan 16, 2018 =
* fix: allow for custom post status values (Thanks Alex V.)
* fix: removed deprecated warnings for function calls (Thanks Peter M.)
* fix: resolve undefined index warnings on empty configs (Thanks Peter M.)
* fix: fix to usage of fallback encryption method (Thanks Mika A.)
* fix: fix spelling error and array index error
* fix: runtime error that can occasionally occur while processing taxonomies
* fix: runtime error that can occur on first edit of settings
* fix: minor security update- remove bad password message that could imply valid account name
* fix: remove deprecation messages for mcrypt functions
* enhancement: add checks for SSL specific error conditions
* enhancement: add “more info” links to all error messages shown in UI
* enhancement: updates to licensing code
* enhancement: check serverpress.com domain for licensing data
* enhancement: add get_param method to javascript code
* enhancement: make SyncApiResponse instance available from Controller; needed by Divi add-on
* enhancement: check data object used in API calls and return early if contains error

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