WPSiteSync and Gutenberg: A Match Made in WordPress Heaven

WPSiteSync Gutenberg Blocks

If you’ve been doing any form of web development for a while, you probably know that your workflow should include working offsite or on staging before pushing any changes to your live site. WordPress, as with all CMS platforms, presents a particular challenge when it comes to synchronizing content that’s offline with content that is live.

This was the foundation behind our decision to produce WPSiteSync for Content. From its inception, WPSiteSync made the synchronization of SPECIFIC CONTENT between two sites as easy as pushing a button. In fact, WPTavern cited WPSiteSync as being “Magical” after our initial release. While most solutions have focused on total migration of sites, we created WPSiteSync to be a surgical tool that synchronizes only the content that needs to be synchronized mitigating the need for downtime on your target site.

Life Before WPSiteSync (aka The Old Way)

In the days before WPSiteSync, working on a post or a page on your offline site was a bit cumbersome. Transferring it over to the live site required you to select text or “code” mode in the editor, selecting it, copying it, and then pasting it on the new site. If there were any images in the post, you would have to upload the media to the live site and change the URL. While this process is fairly straightforward, it still takes time and requires several unnecessary steps. In short, it is not an efficient part of a good workflow.

Life After Gutenberg and WPSiteSync

With Gutenberg, life became even more complicated. While it certainly is powerful and can make creating content a breeze, moving the newly created content from one site to another is still difficult. While you can copy and paste code, any references to images or other media files still need to be updated with the proper URL. Because of this inefficiency, many people have returned to the world of “Cowboy Coding” (doing work on your live site).

Luckily, since the announcement of Gutenberg and its first alpha release, we’ve been testing WPSiteSync throughout the Gutenberg Development Cycle and kept up with all the code changes needed to make synchronizing content as easy as it’s ever been throughout the dev cycle.

As Simple as Pushing a Button

We say it a lot, but it’s true. Synchronizing between two sites is as easy as pushing a button. If you haven’t already tried it out, you really should!

How does it work?

WPSiteSync is incredibly easy and once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Just follow these steps, and in less than a minute, you’ll be syncing content.


  1. Log into your TARGET (the site you want to move content to) website’s dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins → Add → Search for “WPSiteSync For Content”
  3. Download, install, and activate the plugin
  4. Log into your SOURCE (the site you want to move content from) website’s dashboard. This is the site in which you’ll be creating the original post
  5. Go to Plugins → Add → Search for “WPSiteSync for Content”
  6. Download, install, and activate the plugin
  7. Click on Settings → WPSiteSync
  8. Enter the Hostname of Target (the URL of the target site)
  9. Enter administrative credentials of the Target site (Username and Password)
  10. Select your desired options → Click, “Save Changes”

It’s that simple! You’re now set up.


Create a post or page on your SOURCE Site => Click PUBLISH => Click “Push to Target” in the right-hand sidebar

Check TARGET Site to verify that content was pushed

That’s it! You’ve now pushed specific content from your Source Site to your Target Site. No need for cutting and pasting. No need for updating URLs. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! Not only will this work with Gutenberg or the Classic Editor, but with the growing list of third-party plugins being used to create Gutenberg blocks. We are also excited to share that we’ll soon have a Premium Extension that handles most of these block plugins!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a subscription to the Premium Bundle, now’s the time to do it, because once we release the Gutenberg Blocks extension, the price of the Bundle will be increasing and we’d hate to see you miss out.

Get started for FREE by downloading WPSiteSync for Content and WPSiteSync for HTTP Authentication from the WordPress Repository.

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