WPSiteSync 1.3, Pull, Menus and Bulk Actions Updates!

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As we get ready for the Release of WPSiteSync for BeaverBuilder, we took the opportunity to update WPSiteSync for Content Core, Pull, Menus and Bulk Actions plugins. We also want to thank those who reported issues and requested enhancements so we can continue building WPSiteSync your way!

Release notes for WPSS 1.3

We are happy to announce WPSiteSync for Content version 1.3. This release provides a couple of new features for upcoming extensions, as well as several enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Fix for setting the author assigned when revisions are created when Pushing Content to Target.
  • Fix for adding/updating text domain used on some translation strings (Thanks Pedro M.)
  • Fix for the handling of featured image data, which caused the assigned featured image to not work correctly in some instances. (Thanks Josh C.)
  • Fix in the handling of attachments for WP installs in subdirectories (Thanks Rudi L.)
  • Fix to the permissions checking that sometimes resulted in the inability to push Content (Thanks Rudi L.)
  • Fix to the ‘unique_filename_callback’ filter for compatibility with WordPress 4.7
  • Enhancement; added features for the upcoming WPSiteSync for Beaver Builder release.
  • Enhancement to the wording of error messages if authentication process fails on Target (thanks Chris F.)
  • Enhancement for check user capabilities when authenticating on Target.
  • Enhancement to return error if auth token cannot be saved on Target site and display more informative message on Source.
  • Enhancement and optimizations to licensing system (Thanks Dominick K.)
  • Enhancement for better handling of serialized postmeta data.

Release notes for WPSS Menus and Bulk Actions

The maintenance release of WPSiteSync for Menus and Bulk Actions include some changes to take advantage of optimizations in the Licensing system used for WPSiteSync. Even though there are no visible changes to the functionality of the plugin, you will find things running a little faster because we’ve fine tuned the engine for maximum speed!  

Release notes for WPSS

Release notes for WPSS Pull

WPSiteSync for Pull includes changes to the use of the ‘unique_filename_callback’ filter. This use of this filter was modified in the WordPress 4.7 release so we need to make some changes to accommodate the new behavior of WordPress 4.7. These are similar in nature to the changes in WPSiteSync for Content, but specific to WPSiteSync for Pull in handling images.


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