WPSiteSync 1.2 Release Announcement

WPSiteSync by ServerPress Content real time bidirectional sync

We are very happy to announce the Release of WPSiteSync for Content, version 1.2.

The most important item in this Release is that it includes some fixes to address authentication issues that some of our users have been reporting. We are very fortunate to have some awesome customers that patiently worked with us to recreate their issues and solve their problems, as well as helping us test new versions. The result is a better product for all of our customers.

So a BIG thank you goes out to Craig S., Cathy E., Josh C. and Jason H.

This Release includes:

Fix: Changes to resolve authentication issues
Fix: Fixing a table name reference when removing tables on uninstall
Fix: Fix URL references in the Help text (thanks to Pedro M.)
Fix: Fix text domain reference (thanks to Pedro M.)
Fix: authentication token save (thanks to Jeff C.)

Enhancement: Optimizations and code cleanup
Enhancement: Updates in the Settings page for validating URLs (thanks to Craig S.)
Enhancement: Code to protect JSON data being returned via API calls when third-party plugins throw runtime errors
Enhancement: Changes to allow new features in upcoming add-ons
Enhancement: Change API code to work with any Permalink setting on Target site

We are also working hard on additional features and some new add-ons to make WPSiteSync even more powerful. So please keep your eyes open for announcements on those products soon.

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