WPSiteSync 1.2 Release on 09/07/2016

WPSiteSync by ServerPress 1.2 Release

Due to scheduled maintenance at WordPress.org, we have decided to reschedule the WPSiteSync 1.2 Release to Wednesday, September 7th, 2016.

Great consideration was given to this postponement. With each new Release, we anticipate increased support volume. As always, we want to make sure that we are able to answer questions and provide prompt support. By rescheduling our Release date, we believe we can serve our Community better and eliminate technology glitches during WordPress’ maintenance period.

Soon after the WPSS 1.2 Release, Premium Users (early adopters) can expect to be notified on the Release of a new plugin, WPSiteSync for Menus. It’s exciting stuff!

Because the main area we focused on in WPSiteSync 1.2 was Authentication, we strongly encourage updating to WPSS 1.2 before installing WPSiteSync for Menus.

Have Questions? We are here if you have questions. Please know that we are still trying to track down our “missing eMails” problem. For now, we are cross checking with our contact form log. So, if you do not hear from us, please try us again. We promise we are not neglecting your Support request. We simply didn’t receive it! =)

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