What’s next for WPSiteSync?

WPSiteSync product goals

Thanks for all the raving reviews we have received so far. WPSiteSync for Content has proven to be a huge success. Just last week, we were mentioned by Brian Krogsgard of PostStatus.com. Every day, we have developers inquire about being a third party developer or a blogger wanting more information so they can share this tool with their fans.

By now, I’m sure you are curious about the grand plan.

Well. It’s been amazing to receive feedback. It’s even cooler we have the whole Community helping us finding bugs in our Beta version.

We are happy to announce that we will be offering the Release Candidate within the next 2 weeks.

Our immediate goal is to offer the first four extensions soon after the Release Candidate.

WPSiteSync for Pulling will allow you to Pull content from your live environment to a staging or local environment

WPSiteSync for Authors will allow assigning an Author to Content that is Sync’d to the live site — even if those Authors don’t exist in your local or staging environments.

WPSiteSync for CPT will enable Syncing of Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies, in addition to the Pages and Posts that you can already Sync.

WPSiteSync for Comments will provide the ability to Sync Comments and Comment Meta data that are associated with the Content that you are Syncing.

So, what’s next for WPSiteSync?

First and foremost, we will be forming an exclusive preview group within the month. Please do let us know if you are interested in participating.

Second on the agenda is laying out a release schedule for more extensions. Yes. A lot more to come besides the four extensions mentioned above. We are sure you will be excited!

Lastly, we will be calling for three top notch developers who wish to become our first batch of third party developers. If you are interested, please do notify us. We are happy to discuss opportunities.

For now…

We will be focusing on the Release Candidate for WPSiteSync for Content. A release schedule will be announced as soon as we have it outlined.  We aim to rock your world!

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