Our First Review – “Ridiculously Amazing”

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Oh, yahhhh!  Pretty Cool.  We received our first review in less than 48 hours.  It’s a good one too.  As Jeff Matson puts it, WPSiteSync is “Ridiculously Amazing.”  Well, we would have to shamelessly agree.

You can download your FREE copy at WordPress.org.  If you are new to the WordPress Community, head on over and check out all the goodies awesome designers and developers have contributed over the years.

For a beta product to receive such a great review this quickly is rare.  At ServerPres, LLC, we prefer organic growth so we have no plans to toss money into major marketing campaigns.  Just as we did with DesktopServer, we rely on our customers to guide us so we can set the direction for future releases.  We also rely on word of mouth and positive reviews.  If you try WPSiteSync and feel it’s amazing too, please leave us a review.  If for some reason, our beta version doesn’t quite meet your satisfaction, please contact us directly.  We’d love to hear your feedback.

As always, let us know what features you’d like to see in WPSiteSync.  Comment below.  We count on the WordPress Community to give us feedback, good or bad, so we can continue improving our products.

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