New Release: WPSiteSync for Menus!

WPSiteSync wordpress sync menus

Now that WPSiteSync 1.2 has been published with success, we are ready to release WPSiteSync for Menus!  With this Extension, you can sync Menus just as easy as blog posts and pages! Combined with WPSiteSync for Pull, it becomes a bidirectional syncing tool between Source and Target sites!

As promised, VIP Early Adopters have access to our new plugins first!

If you are a VIP Early Adopter, WPSiteSync for Menus can be downloaded at no additional cost. It’s our way of thanking you for believing in us!

To access your unique license key, log in to your Account from the WPSiteSync home page.

We’ve provided full step-by-step instructional guide for your convenience.  If you are a Super Ninja you can go straight to your Account login.

Not yet a Member?

If you are not yet a member, you still have a chance to sign up for the $99 VIP Early Adopter Special. This special officially ends at 11:59pm PST on September 30, 2016.

VIP Early Adopter Members Receive priority Support and All the future Extensions offered in the Premium Bundle. The $99/ yr fee (normally $249/yr) is GUARANTEED as long as your Account is in good standing.  It’s the best deal you will ever see!  As we add more plugins, the Membership will continue to increase in value.  Please visit our website for details and a list of perks and bonuses.

Here’s the next batch of plugins to be Released…

Our team is working very hard at bringing you new Extensions! In addition to WPSiteSync for Menus, 4 more Extensions are scheduled to be released within the next couple of months.

#1 WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions– You will be able to sync multiple pages and posts with a single click of a button!

#2 WPSiteSync for BeaverBuilder– If you are a BeaverBuilder enthusiast, you will notice a couple of glitches here and there using WPSiteSync. We’ve figured out ways to incorporate BB’s “uniqueness” for a seamless content sync.

#3 WPSiteSync for Genesis Settings– Genesis Developers will be able to synchronize settings in Genesis themes, child themes and popular Genesis plugins.

#4 WPSiteSync for Woo Products– this one, you can’t miss if you are an eCommerce Developer! This is why we designed WPSiteSync to begin with. As Developers, we couldn’t find an easy way to sync WooCommerce content and here we are!

A bit of a disclaimer…

We truly thank our Early Adopters from the bottom of our heart. No matter how much testing we do internally, we couldn’t ever anticipate the edge cases out there. Because you were so willing to work with us, we were able to continue improving features being offered.

To ensure product stability, we will be publishing firm Release dates at a later time.  The list above is not in any particular order. We promise to update you as soon as these plugins pass our final inspection! =)  Here’s to more Add-Ons to maximize your Workflow!!!

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