WPSiteSync for Pull Error Messages Explained

To help you work through any problems using WPSiteSync for Pull, we’ve created a list of error messages that are displayed by the tool.

“Matching Content cannot be found on Target site. Please Push first.”

This error is displayed once you’ve clicked on the “Pull Selected Content” button in the WPSiteSync for Pull search dialog. This happens when you’ve previously Pushed some Content, then try to Pull that Content from the Target site again.

The reason for this error is that WPSiteSync for Pull cannot find the Content on the Target site anymore. This can happen if the Content on the Target has been deleted, or if the tracking information for the Content was lost. The most likely cause for this is you migrated the WPSiteSync database tables from the Source site to the Target site during a recent migration, or if you’ve uninstalled WPSiteSync on the Target site and removed the database tables, then re-installed the plugin.

To resolve: Either way, the solution for this is to once again Push the Content to the Target site, or use the Search feature to find the correct Content on the Target site and Pull this to the Source site again. Once this is done, the tracking information is re-written to the database and you won’t see this issue any more.

“The post cannot be found.”

This error occurs when you’re Pulling some Content into an existing Post or Page and the Post ID wasn’t specified in the request made to WPSiteSync. Another possibility is that some other user on the site Deleted the Post or Page you wish to Pull the Content into.

To resolve: Refresh the current page in your browser and perform another search. Performing another search will force WPSiteSync to lookup the correct post ID to Pull the Content into again. Either the correct Post ID will be found or you’ll discover that the Content no longer exists (has been Deleted).

“No post type provided.”

For some reason, the Post Type was not specified in the Search request that was made to WPSiteSync. This is an internal error and is very unlikely to be seen.

To resolve: Refresh the current page in your browser and perform another Search. This will reset the state of the Search Dialog and include the Post Type in the Search request. If this does not resolve the issue, please Contact our Support Team and we will assist you in working through the issue.

“Search is empty.”

This message is displayed when using the Search feature in the WPSiteSync for Pull dialog. If you search for something and it is not found within the current Content on the Target site, you will see this message.

To resolve: What you are searching for cannot be found. Perhaps you mistypes it, or the Content you think is on the Target site has been deleted. Another possibility is that the Content you are searching for is under a different Post Type. This can happen when you’re editing a Post and the Content you’re looking for is contained within a Page. WPSiteSync for Pull searches for your Content under the current Post Type. So when editing Posts, it will only look for your search phrase under Posts on the Target. Make sure you’re searching under the correct Post Type, and searching for the correct Content.

“Unable to create new post.”

This error occurs when you are attempting to Pull some Content into a new Post and you are unable to create that new post. This can happen if someone else has deleted the Content from the Target site is empty, or if the date is invalid. These are unlikely however, since the Content exists on the Target site and is valid. Another possibility is that there was a database error that occurred when attempting to write the Content’s information. This can also happen if the Target Content is specifying a Page Template and that same Page Template does not exist on the Source site.

To resolve: Check your /wp-content/debug.log file and see if there are any errors logged. This could indicate that there was a database error and you need to get that fixed.

If this is caused by specifying a Page Template, check that the Source and Target sites are using the same Theme and that the versions match. It’s possible that the theme was updated on the Target site, adding a new template and that same template does not exist on the Source site. Or possibly the Source and Target sites are using different Themes altogether. In this case, you’ll need to change the theme that is being used on the Source site to match that of the Target site.