How to Use WPSiteSync for Pull

Follow this link for documentation on WPSiteSync for Content.


The WPSiteSync for Pull add-on needs to be installed on both the Source site that you will be Pulling to, as well as the Target Site that you are Pulling from.

To install WPSiteSync for Pull, you need to upload the Zip file that you downloaded from the web site after your purchase. To do this, go to your Plugins -> Add New page. Here, you can see an “Upload Plugin” button next to the title that reads “Add Plugins.” Click on the Upload Plugin button. On the next page, you will find a “Choose File” button. You can click on this and select the file from the File Chooser dialog. Once the file is selected, click on the “Install Now” button and your plugin will be uploaded and installed. On the following screen, select the “Activate Plugin” link and the WPSiteSync for Pull plugin is ready for use.

This process needs to be repeated on both sites.


The WPSiteSync for Pull add-on requires no configuration for use. It will make use of the existing Settings for WPSiteSync for Content.

Using WPSiteSync for Pull:

To use the WPSiteSync for Pull add-on, start by editing a Page or Post on your Source site. You’ll see the “Pull from Target” button inside the WPSiteSync for Content metabox, as in the following image:

When you click on the “Pull from Target” button, an animation will appear indicating that the process has been started, as shown here:

After the Pull operation is complete, you will either see an error message within the WPSiteSync for Content metabox, or a success message. If successful, the page will reload to show you the new Content that was Pulled from your Target site.

What is Pulled from the Target?

The Pull operation will move all the information associated with Post or Page on your Target site. What’s included in “all the information”? WPSiteSync for Pull will find all the information that WPSiteSync for Content finds. This means all the information stored in the database for a standard WordPress install. This includes the Content, the last modified time, the post status (Draft, Published, etc.) the post password (if set), the Featured Image, any taxonomy information (such as Categories and Tags), plus any “meta data” associated with the post. Meta data can include the “Custom Fields” section on the post edit page as well as information stored using tools such as Advanced Custom Fields.

What is not Pulled from the Target?

WPSiteSync for Pull will only Pull the Contents of the Post or Page that you are editing within the Post Editor page. If you’re Pulling your “contact us” page, it will not be Pulling the “about us” page at the same time. It only works on the one piece of Content that you’re working on.

License Keys

For information on how to activate the License Key for WPSiteSync for Pull, please see this article: How to Configure License Keys for WPSiteSync add-ons.