How to Use WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions


The WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions add-on needs to be installed on both the Source site that you will be syncing Content from, as well as the Target Site that you are Pushing Content to.

To install WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions, you need to upload the Zip file that you downloaded from the web site after your purchase. To do this, go to your Plugins -> Add New page. Here, you can see an “Upload Plugin” button next to the title that reads “Add Plugins.” Click on the Upload Plugin button. On the next page, you will find a “Choose File” button. You can click on this and select the file from the File Chooser dialog. Once the file is selected, click on the “Install Now” button and your plugin will be uploaded and installed. On the following screen, select the “Activate Plugin” link and the WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions plugin is ready for use.

This process needs to be repeated on both the Source site and the Target site.


The WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions add-on requires no configuration for use. It will make use of the existing Settings for WPSiteSync for Content.

Using WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions

To use the WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions add-on, start by going to one of the pages that lists Content, such as the “Posts” page, the “Pages” page or, if you have the WPSiteSync for Custom Post Types, a Custom Post Type page. On this page, you will see some additional items added to the Bulk Actions drop-down menu as seen in the image here:


The new item is: “WPSiteSync: Push to Target”. If you are using the WPSiteSync for Pull add-on you will also see a “WPSiteSync: Pull from Target” option. The options are similar in behavior to the “Push to Target” and “Pull from Target” buttons that you see when Syncing Content. You can also use the “Push to Target” or “Pull from Target” buttons that you see above the content list to save a few clicks.

To use the syncing features, select one or more of the Posts, Pages, or Custom Post Type by clicking on the checkbox in the far left column, as indicated in the image above. Once the desired Content is selected, click on the drop-down menu to expose the additional options and click on the desired operation, such as “WPSiteSync: Push to Target”. Then, click on the “Apply” button directly to the right of the drop-down menu.

Clicking on the “Apply” button starts the syncing operation. All of the selected items will be Pushed to the Target site, just as if you were using the “Push to Target” button when editing that Content. This means that all of the normal syncing behavior occurs, such as syncing the Content, meta data, any associated images, and taxonomies for the individual Content being synced.

On the Target site, the synced Content will be created or updated in the same way that WPSiteSync for Content does – so Content that does not already exist will be created and existing Content will be updated, along with moving and creating any new images, taxonomy data or other information needed to fully re-create that Content on the Target site.

If there are any errors encountered while Syncing the Content, messages will be displayed at the top of the screen after it refreshes. Each piece of Content that had a problem will be listed with its error message and that Content will still be checked in the Content list below. All successfully synced Content will not be checked when the page refreshes.

License Keys

For information on how to activate the License Key for WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions, please see this article: How to Configure License Keys for WPSiteSync add-ons.