How to Use WPSiteSync for Authors

Follow this link for documentation on WPSiteSync for Content.


The WPSiteSync for Authors add-on needs to be installed on both the Source site that you will be syncing Content from, as well as the Target Site that you are Pushing Content to.

To install WPSiteSync for Authors, you need to upload the Zip file that you downloaded from the web site after your purchase. To do this, go to your Plugins -> Add New page. Here, you can see an “Upload Plugin” button next to the title that reads “Add Plugins.” Click on the Upload Plugin button. On the next page, you will find a “Choose File” button. You can click on this and select the file from the File Chooser dialog. Once the file is selected, click on the “Install Now” button and your plugin will be uploaded and installed. On the following screen, select the “Activate Plugin” link and the WPSiteSync for Authors plugin is ready for use.

This process needs to be repeated on both sites.


The WPSiteSync for Authors add-on requires no configuration for use. It will make use of the existing Settings for WPSiteSync for Content.

Using WPSiteSync for Authors:

To use the WPSiteSync for Authors add-on, start by editing a Page or Post on your Source site. You’ll see the Author information inside the WPSiteSync for Content metabox, as in the following image:

When you click on the “Push to Target” button, the information about the Author will be sent to the Target site and attribution of the Content on the Target will happen in one of a few ways:

  • If the user (in this case ‘george’) does not exist on the Target, it will be created. The same role, permissions, name and password on the Source site will be used when creating the user on the Target site.
  • If the user exists on the Target, but the username, email address or display names do not match with the user from the Source, then the Contents of the post will be Syncd but the Author attribution will not occur. This is because the user cannot be created on the Target due to the username or email conflict. When this happens, you will see the normal “Content successfully sent to Target system.” message within the WPSiteSync window and an additional message of “Cannot Sync Author- account already exists.” to let you know what happened.
    • To properly Sync this Content in the future, you will need to modify the user information on the Source site – by creating a new user and the set that new user as the author of the Content.
  • If the user exists on the Target and the email address and display names all match, the user id of that user on the Target will be assigned as the author of the Content on the Target site. This will happen even if the user ids on the Source and Target sites are not the same.
  • WPSiteSync for Authors makes the checks for the username, email address and display name in order to avoid assigning authorship of Content to a user that does not make a complete match. If there is a ‘george’ on the Target site, but that user is a Subscriber and named ‘George Smith’ with a different email address, the Content should not be associated with that Subscriber user. It should only be assigned the Author on the Target when the users are a complete match.

    If you have the WPSiteSync for Pull add-on installed, you can also Sync the Author information during the “Pull” operations. The same steps are used but in reverse: The information about the Author of the Content on the Target is moved to the Source and the user is looked up on the Source site, and created if necessary.

    License Keys

    For information on how to activate the License Key for WPSiteSync for Authors, please see this article: How to Configure License Keys for WPSiteSync add-ons.