Introducing WPSiteSync for WordPress!


Working on DesktopServer all these years, we’ve noticed many customers wishing there was a product out there that will synchronize content between their local development environment and the live site.  It was always a feature we wanted to include with DesktopServer, but we always knew that it was going to be a challenge and that while the day would one day come that it would be in our arsenal of local development tools, it would be a day down the road. As it turns out, that day is here! Now!

We are proud to present WPSiteSync!  Here’s a short showcasing what it can do for you.  Yes.  You must watch it.  The process is that simple.  

With this, no more waiting for files to backup, download and re-upload for a minor change.  The days of having to transfer the entire site content database are OVER!  Building content on your live site is in the past.

So, what happened to allow us to bring this product to market sooner than expected? How did we get here?  Well, funny you should ask. . .

One night, Gregg was put on the spot to present DesktopServer at the OC WordPress Meetup.  People were asking if DesktopServer has the capability of Syncing selected Content instead of deploying the entire content database (as ALWAYS happens when we do a DS presentation).  Well, he explained that no, in fact, it was not available but that it was something we had designs on in the future (he has always liked to call it the “Holy Grail”).  After all, we’ve always known something like this was going to be a beast to build!  It’s code WordPress Developers have not cracked, yet…or so we thought!  It had always been on the features request list at ServerPress.

After Gregg’s presentation, Dave Jesch from SpectrOM Tech tapped him on the shoulder.  He said “Well, Gregg…Ya know… I have something that’s been sitting on my shelf for a year and a half now.  And it does exactly what I think you need.  It Syncs Content for individual Pages and Blog Posts, among other things.  It is code complete, we just haven’t had the time to finish testing it.”

If you know Dave Jesch, you know that’s exactly how a seasoned software Engineer talks.  And we love that Genius brain of his.

As you can imagine, our eyes lit up.  Right away we set up a meeting with our internal team at ServerPress.  And the Journey begins.

Here we are today, happy to present to you WPSiteSync, one of the coolest plugins out there!  We sincerely hope you are excited about it as much as we are.  There’s so much to come with this plugin.  We will continue extending features.  And guess what?  This works great with DesktopServer 4.0.  Another huge step forward.

You can download the Beta version from the repo.  It’s free! Give it a shot! But . . . Please make sure you use this only in a staging environment for now.  It is still in Beta after all.  Comment below and give us your feedback, or feel free to contact us directly!  Let us know what features you’d like to see added, changed or even something you’d like us to build next.  We look forward to hearing from you and building another great tool to make your workflow more efficient.


  1. Marcelo Pedra on May 21, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Hi ya! Nice concept. i was using WP Remote Post Replicator, which is now abandoned since 1yr ago. I’m interested in your plugin ONLY if it can work from/to standalone/multisite WP realms. Does it?
    Best regards

    • Gregg Franklin on May 24, 2016 at 10:54 am

      Hello Marcelo,

      Thanks! Yes it will work from/to standalone and multisite.

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