Images Fixed in WPSiteSync for Content!

WPSiteSync for Content Image Issue fixed

Images now sync in posts and pages!  Woo-flippin’-hoo!  That was a task that took 3 days straight by the Mastermind behind WPSiteSync, Dave Jesch.

To be fair, images were working just fine when we first released our Beta version.  However, several refactoring of other small bugs broke Images sync.  Welcome to product development, my friends!  

If you are interested…

The problem came about because of how we were handling multiple images embedded within the content. While processing the images, there was a bug that caused the code that was sending the content data to the Target site to lose track of what it was doing.

To work around this, we implemented a queue. So as images are found within the content they’re added to the queue to be processed after the initial content is sent to the Target site.

We also improved the error handling and recovery while processing the multiple requests for Content and images.

So, voila!  Fixed.  It is all fixed.

Now you can sync both images within the content and Featured Images. Feel free to download the most updated copy in the repo.  Our target date for WPSiteSync for Content Release Candidate is middle of May 2016.  Please continue giving us feedback.  Do not be bashful in reporting bugs.  We rely on you, the Community, in helping us refine this tool.  In return, we promise to continue making improvements!


  1. Isobel Ricketts on May 22, 2016 at 3:47 am

    Hi there

    Firstly – WOW, what a fantastic plugin – I am so pleased you guys have developed something like this, HUGE THANK!

    Only last week I was thinking it would be great to have something like this. I was struggling and getting frustrated in having to move the whole site to the server just to change a few pages (plus my hosting didn’t play nicely with the desktop server direct migrate).

    The functionality of the text works fine on my site but for some reason the images don’t get pushed to the live staging site … not sure why? Not sure if its a bug or simply a theme clash?

    I do use the DIVI theme by Elegant Themes which uses a page builder type system to create the web pages which could be why? Maybe it doesn’t function traditionally for the plugin to pick up the images? Or I might just simply be missing something. I downloaded the most recent plugin (0.9.6) and landed on this page which says images should be sucked up too, so any clues would be great.

    Many thanks


    • Gregg Franklin on May 24, 2016 at 10:56 am

      Hello Isobel,

      Thanks for giving it try, we’re glad you like it. It will handle images in the visual editor and the features images. WPSiteSync does not yet support page builders.

      • Teshu katepalli on May 1, 2019 at 5:40 am

        HI sir does it support for WP BAKERY PAGE BUILDER to transfer images with pages

        • Gregg Franklin on May 9, 2019 at 10:13 am

          Hello Teshu,

          WPSiteSync does not support WP Bakery, but does Gutenberg and soon Beaver Builder and Divi.

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