WPSiteSync for Pull

Sync Content in Seconds!

The basic version of WPSiteSync for Content allows Website Professionals to Push Content from their Staging environment to Live in seconds. Now, with WPSiteSync for Pull, you can sync content Bi-directionally. Content can be pulled from your Live environment to your Staging or Local environment as quickly as you can Push the Content out!


So, how will this Extension benefit your Workflow?

User case #1: Client makes a change on the live site without telling you.  Potential data loss.

With WPSiteSync for Pull, the latest Content can be pulled to your staging site before work is commenced. Once you update the Content, you can get approval first before Pushing it back to the Live Site. This drastically reduces Content write-overs, virtually eliminating the problem. Best of all, Happy Client = Happy Life!

User case #2: Working in a Team environment can cause issues when multiple people are working on the same Project, especially on a short timeline.

With WPSiteSync for Pull, the Content Creator can easily work in the Staging environment in parallel with the Designers and Developers. End result is a fast accurate Project, pushed to Live environment in no time flat!

User case #3: Your Client tells you that a specific page has a content problem with one of the templates you’re working on but you can’t reproduce it.

With WPSiteSync for Pull you can make an exact copy of the Content from the Live or Staging server and bring that down to your Development install for testing. No more copying and pasting with the possibility of missing some subtle piece of Content. This reduces the time it usually takes to investigate and reproduce problems.