WPSiteSync for Custom Post Types

Sync Custom Post Types

WPSiteSync for CPT enables you to Sync Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies, in addition to the Pages and Posts that you are already Syncing with the basic WPSiteSync Product.

This plugin, working with the basic WPSiteSync Product, adds the ability to Sync any Custom Post Type, along with all of the Taxonomy, metadata and other information associated with the Custom Post Type Content. If you like the behavior in WPSiteSync for Content, this is a Must-have!

Any information stored in the database in the standard WordPress posts and post-meta tables can be Synchronized. This product, however, may not Sync eCommerce and various Web Application Custom Post Types, as these Applications each have their unique data table organization.

Any Custom Post Type
Meta data
All information associated with the Content
eCommerce tables may not Sync
Learning Management System tables may not Sync
Web Application tables may not Sync


How does this Extension benefit your Workflow?

User case #1: You need to collaborate with other Developers and Content Creators to set up Content on a Staging environment.

With WPSiteSync for Custom Post Types you can now Sync all of the Content with ease, whether it’s Custom Post Types, Blog Posts or Pages. “Going Live” means a push of a Button! Yup. It’s that simple.

User case #2: As a Developer, it is inevitable that a client will, at some point, ask you to create a Testimonials Page.

With WPSiteSync for Custom Post Types, you can now input all the Testimonials on the Staging site and obtain Client approval first! Pushing the Page as well as all the Testimonial Content to the Live Site is now a quick and easy task!

User case #3: Sometimes Custom Post Types need to be Pulled from Target to Source Site.

WPSiteSync for Custom Post Types works with WPSiteSync for Pull. So not only can you Push Custom Post Type Content to the Target Site, but you can Pull the Content from your Target site down to your Source site as well!