WPSiteSync for Authors

Sync Author Attribution

WPSiteSync for Authors synchronizes Author Attribution from your Source Site to Target, even if the Authors don’t exist in your local or staging environments. The Best part of this Extension is that it will: Auto-detects Author Name Collision and provide a warning. New User sync when attributing to a New Author.

How does this Extension benefit your Workflow?

User case #1: A new member has joined your team and created some Content on your Staging environment. With WPSiteSync for Authors, you can Push the new Content to your Live environment and a new User account is also created for that new Author on the Target site. It’s that simple! User case #2: You have outside Contractors creating Content on your website. You do not feel comfortable giving them full access. With WPSiteSync for Authors, your Content Creators can now strictly work in your Staging environment. They do not need to have passwords to their User accounts on the Live environment – the User accounts only need to exist. When Content is Pushed to the Live environment, the Author Attribution is handled as part of the Push operation. Restricting access brings peace and comfort to the website owner. That, to us, is worth every penny! User case #3: Want to supercharge your Workflow? Good news! WPSiteSync for Authors works seamlessly with WPSiteSync for Pull. Not only will you be able to Push Author Attribution to the Target site, you can now Pull new Authors down from your Live site. No more having to remember to create Users in both environment – it happens for you automatically! Now, that’s cool.