Why our Customer Support is not in the Tech Department

WPSiteSync Team at ServerPress love our Customers

Long ago, Gregg who’s a Managing Partner at ServerPress decided to do something no one has done before. He brought Product Support under the Marketing department umbrella.

If you know Gregg, you’d understand why he’s the driving force behind our superb Customer Service. He’s kind, generous and most of all, he cares! Customers are ALWAYS his #1 priority in making decisions. Gregg believes deeply that we are successful today because of our loyal fan base.

Busting down that door.

Traditionally, Customer Support for a software company belongs to the Technical Department. For us, Customers have always guided the direction of our future development so it makes more sense for the Analysis team to be in direct contact with our Customers. By handling Support tickets in the Marketing department, we learn quickly how we can help improve their development Workflow. This translates to a solid requirements document for the Technical Team to implement, with verified data behind it.

This bold move wasn’t always easy.

Combining our Support and Marketing Departments wasn’t always easy. The biggest aspect was to strike a balance between technical and marketing personalities.

At the end of the day, we decided as a Company we are more technical than marketing driven. Our marketing effort is no more than organic word of mouth from Happy Customers and sponsoring WordCamps worldwide. We believe if we do right by our Customers, the tools we develop will gain popularity. This has proven to be true with DestopServer and now WPSiteSync.

A Big Thanks.

It’s been such an incredible 2 weeks since the launch of WPSiteSync Extensions. Gregg is right! We have not only received feature requests and valuable feedback from our New Adopter VIP Members, we made friends.

We are so grateful for all the positive reviews so far. We are excited every morning designing more features we can build for the WordPress community.

You will often find Gregg answering Support Tickets. Why? Because he cares. He believes that even with a Support staff, he needs to be hands on so he hears for himself what the Customers want.

Big Thanks to Gregg for caring so much. And a Bigger Thanks to all of our Customers. You are the reason we are passionate in what we do! Here’s to many more Add-On’s…

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