New WPSiteSync v1.6 Core Update

It’s been yet another extremely productive month for the Team here at ServerPress. We’ve been actively working on updates to all of our software and with that, we’re proud to announce the release of WPSiteSync v1.6. This new core update fixes a few bugs, adds a few enhancements, and also comes ready to handle the…

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WPSiteSync for WooCommerce RELEASED! Can We Get a WOO WOO?!?

WPSiteSync for WooCommerce

It’s been a long time in the making. Build after build. Test after test. Update after update. But it’s finally here! We are proud to announce WPSiteSync for WooCommerce. At long last, you can carry your best workflow practice beyond deployment of your site. With WPSiteSync for WooCommerce you’ll be able to continue to do…

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WPSiteSync v1.5.4 Ready for Action!

New Release WPSiteSync WordPress blog post page content sync

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of WPSiteSync v1.5.4. This release has several fixes and enhancements to make synchronizing content between two sites easier than ever before. Whether you perform all of your work on a locally developed or staging site, we know you’ll find WPSiteSync to be a huge time-saver in your…

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WPSiteSync for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

WPSIteSync for Easy Digital Downloads

For several years, Easy Digital Downloads has been the go-to WordPress plugin for Ecommerce sites selling digital content. Over the past several months, we’ve been working closely with the Team at EDD and are pleased to announce the release of another in our growing list of WPSiteSync extensions. WPSiteSync for Easy Digital Downloads v1.0 is…

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WPSiteSync for Content and Mod_Security

We have recently had a few customers tell us that they are unable to Push content to their Target sites. Some investigation has led to the discovery that the Mod_Security module for Apache is blocking these API requests, so instead of receiving a JSON encoded response from our API endpoint on the Target, we see…

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WPSiteSync for Gutenberg Blocks Released

WPSiteSync Gutenberg Blocks Extension

As mentioned in our article released last week, WPSiteSync when used with a Gutenberg enabled WordPress site is a match made in Heaven Not only can it be a large part of your efficient workflow, but moving Gutenberg created content between sites is easy as a button click. . . LITERALLY. Today we are pleased…

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Announcing the Release of WPSiteSync v1.5.2

WPSiteSync bidirectional real time WordPress Content Sync Posts, Pages and Menu

All of us on the ServerPress Team are pleased to announce the release of WPSiteSync v1.5.2. This minor update fixes a few small UI bugs and its interaction with Gutenberg enabled WordPress sites, plus a few other things. Be sure to download the core update today from the WordPress Repository: Changelog: FIX: Correctly re-displays the…

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WPSiteSync and Gutenberg: A Match Made in WordPress Heaven

WPSiteSync Gutenberg Blocks

If you’ve been doing any form of web development for a while, you probably know that your workflow should include working offsite or on staging before pushing any changes to your live site. WordPress, as with all CMS platforms, presents a particular challenge when it comes to synchronizing content that’s offline with content that is…

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