How Can I Push Content to my Local Development Environment?

We’ve had a Customer asking about how he can push Content to his Local Development Environment, so we thought that we’d write about it and give an explanation.

The short answer is WPSiteSync for Content, which is the FREE version in, can only “Push” your blog posts and pages from your Source site to a Target Site. The Premium Version of WPSiteSync, which includes WPSiteSync for Pull, will allow bidirectional content sync between any two sites.

Now the longer technical answer.

WPSiteSync for Content allows you to “Push” (or copy) a blog post or a page from one WordPress based website to another. You can do this between any two WordPress sites. The exception to this is that you can’t push from a “live” site out on the Internet, let’s say to your local development environment, such as This limitation is due to the Domain Name System, or DNS.

Computers use DNS to resolve a domain name (that address) to an IP address. This allows you to change hosting and move from one IP address to another and not have to change your domain name. For every web site, there’s an entry in a database that says “” is IP address – or whatever IP address your hosting is set up on.

So what’s really the problem? There is no such DNS record for You don’t have a registered domain name for that since it’s a local development site and it only exists on your local server. Because of this, when you’re trying to Push content from your live site, to local- part of that process is to resolve the domain name of the Target site to your local IP. And since there is no DNS entry with an IP address, there is no way to resolve this.

Now, you could get a domain name like and set it’s DNS to point to the IP address that your ISP assigns to your computer. But that will also cause issues. Your IP address can change. Some ISPs change your address weekly or even daily. This also will change if you move from your house to the local coffee shop or your office.

Another issue is that many ISPs block the ability for anyone outside their network (the Internet at large) from getting inside. This effectively blocks the ability for your friend across town to view a web site on your computer because he’s coming from outside your ISP’s network. And this is a good thing- because hackers are also outside your network. You don’t want someone from the other side of the globe to hack into your home computer, after all. ISPs also don’t want all this traffic because that’s that’s not their business. They provide access to the Internet. Hosting providers are in the business of setting up and maintaining servers to host web sites and are set up the handle the security needs of those web sites.

Because of the issues with DNS and ISPs blocking access to web services running on your home computers, we created WPSiteSync for Pull. This premium add-on allows you to move the content bidirectionally, in real time.

Since you can’t Push content from your live site to your local development site, this allows you to initiate the request from your local site, and “Pull” your content from the live site down to your local site. The effect is the same: Content is moved from live to local, but since the request originates from your local site it doesn’t have the DNS limitation and is not affected by your ISP blocking incoming requests.

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