WPSiteSync for Content and Mod_Security

We have recently had a few customers tell us that they are unable to Push content to their Target sites. Some investigation has led to the discovery that the Mod_Security module for Apache is blocking these API requests, so instead of receiving a JSON encoded response from our API endpoint on the Target, we see…

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How Can I Push Content to my Local Development Environment?

We’ve had a Customer asking about how he can push Content to his Local Development Environment, so we thought that we’d write about it and give an explanation. The short answer is WPSiteSync for Content, which is the FREE version in WordPress.org, can only “Push” your blog posts and pages from your Source site to…

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WPSiteSync 1.2 Release Announcement

WPSiteSync by ServerPress Content real time bidirectional sync

We are very happy to announce the Release of WPSiteSync for Content, version 1.2. The most important item in this Release is that it includes some fixes to address authentication issues that some of our users have been reporting. We are very fortunate to have some awesome customers that patiently worked with us to recreate…

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