Announcing WPSiteSync v1.7

We are pleased to announce that WPSiteSync for Content v1.7 has been released to the wild! This release includes several enhancements and fixes, many of which were suggested by our customers (we listen to everything you say)!

You can get the latest version for free here.  If you are already running WPSiteSync, you can upgrade from your WordPress Dashboard. Don’t forget to do it on both your Source and Target sites for best results.

Changes in v1.7 include:

  • Fix: Ensure JSON encoded metadata maintains escaped characters within strings. (Thanks Kris B.)
  • Fix: Mimic WordPress’s “feature” of slash encoding special characters in password strings. (Thanks Brian S.)
  • Fix: Add braces to denote code block. (Thanks Miguel D.)
  • Fix: Improve handling of multiple postmeta entries with the same meta_key. (Thanks Miguel D.)
  • Enhancement: Allow WPSiteSync API operations to work when Members’ “Enable Private Site” setting is turned on. (Thanks Christopher B.)
  • Enhancement: Allow connections to DesktopServer’s Ngrok site. (Thanks Wrenford H.)
  • Enhancement: Add mechanism to inform Target site of any add-ons required to process data from Source.
  • Enhancement: Add before/after API request processing hooks.
  • Enhancement: Change declaration of parse_shortcodes() so it can be used by Elementor add-on.
  • Enhancement: Check for Gutenberg block property’s existence before accessing to prevent invalid references.
  • Enhancement: Update compatibility with Coming Soon v6+ (Thanks Ned G.)
  • Enhancement: Improve error detection in processing AJAX requests (Thanks Ned G.)
  • Enhancement: Improve Block property detection and error recovery.

We hope you enjoy our latest release and should you have any issues or suggestions do not hesitate to let us know!


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