Thank you to klassenjm

WPSiteSync thanks WordPress development Community

A huge shout out to @klassenjm in the Forums for providing a solution for some authentication failures that some users were noticing. In our Support Forum, someone noticed that there is a conflict with mod_security and how WPSiteSync for Content authenticates on the Target server on WP Engine hosting. And the fix was…

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Release Candidate vs General Release

WPSiteSync release candidate vs general release

This past week, we reached another milestone on WPSiteSync for Content. The Release Candidate was published in the repo. So far, the feedback has been incredible. We are jazzed seeing everyone so excited! At ServerPress, one of our goals has always been transparency with the public. So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to…

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Officially in Release Candidate

WPSiteSync Content Sync for WordPress blog posts and pages

The magic continues! We are excited to announce that WPSiteSync for Content is officially in Release Candidate this week! If you have not downloaded your latest copy, you can do so at The Release Candidate will be in the repo by Friday, 05/20/2016. After oodles of testing (yes, that’s a technical term) and…

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What’s next for WPSiteSync?

WPSiteSync product goals

Thanks for all the raving reviews we have received so far. WPSiteSync for Content has proven to be a huge success. Just last week, we were mentioned by Brian Krogsgard of Every day, we have developers inquire about being a third party developer or a blogger wanting more information so they can share this…

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Images Fixed in WPSiteSync for Content!

WPSiteSync for Content Image Issue fixed

Images now sync in posts and pages!  Woo-flippin’-hoo!  That was a task that took 3 days straight by the Mastermind behind WPSiteSync, Dave Jesch. To be fair, images were working just fine when we first released our Beta version.  However, several refactoring of other small bugs broke Images sync.  Welcome to product development, my friends!…

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