WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions

WPSiteSync by ServerPress Sync Blog Posts and Pages with Bulk Actions

We were asked to add Bulk Actions as a new Feature for WPSiteSync for Content.

For friends who have not tried WPSiteSync for Content, here’s a quick video on what it can do to maximize their Workflow. If you like this plugin, we’d appreciate you sending out a couple of shout-outs on Social Media!

WPSiteSync plugins were specifically designed for Website Managers, Designers and Developers who work with Content on a regular basis. Instead of having to upload and download the entire website, now you can Migrate or Sync a single piece of Content between Staging and Live environments.

Currently, Blog Post and Page Content are Synced one page at a time. With the Bulk Actions feature, you will be able to Sync multiple Posts or Pages with a single click of a button. This will make new website Content deployment as easy as pie! We think it’s a good idea but we want to hear what you have to say!

Please take a minute and help us by taking this very short survey. We promised that VIP Members get to lead the direction of WPSiteSync and we meant it!

SURVEY:  Would you like to see “Bulk Actions” as a feature in WPSiteSync?

We thank you in advance!

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