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Besides saving time for web professionals, WPSiteSync was designed with Collaboration in mind.

A key ingredient to success in the website profession is establishing a seamless workflow, which encourages collaboration.  Being able to communicate with your teammates effectively can launch your career to the next level.

When Working On a Team…

If you are working for a company, you know first hand how difficult it is to get everyone on the same page. Of course, this is not for lack of trying.  Each person simply has a different view on a given project.  When working on a team, miscommunication can happen, even with goals defined.  When you are an Independent Consultant, many unexpected complications are introduced when you are in collaborations with other contractors. This issue can be easily multiplied when you join a Team you’ve never worked with before.

One Easy Solution…

One of the ways to mitigate this pain point is by setting up a Staging environment.  Being able to see what Content everyone is contributing on a daily basis can be magical. By using WPSiteSync for Content, you can easily sync Content to a designated common location every time a change is made.  No longer will you need to spend time downloading and uploading an entire website. The Manager can ask for corrections immediately if a task item has been misunderstood. The Client can have a clear visual of the end result and give approval before everything is synced to the Live site, where it’s visible by the World.

Give it a shot!

If you are not yet familiar with setting up a Staging Environment, give it a try! Being able to preview established content before publication on the Live Site is a sure way to improve Team Workflow and maximize Project Collaboration. Let us know know how it goes!

Besides being the Scrum Master at ServerPress, LLC, Jennifer oversees the Product portfolio, leading Projects from conception to launch. When she’s not analyzing Workflow data, she enjoys watching her dogs steal tomatoes from her veggie garden.

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