WPSiteSync 1.0 is here!

wp site sync for content by serverpress

The wait is over! The highly anticipated WPSiteSync for Content 1.0 has arrived.

With the loving support of the WordPress Community, we were able to squash many bugs. We are confident you will be pleased with the stability of WPSiteSync 1.0.

One of the major areas we focused on was Image syncing. WPSiteSync for Content looks for image attachments, Featured Images and image references embedded within the post content. All of these are then moved over during the Push process. Oh, and we’re moving PDF attachments, too. We’re even transferring your image captions, titles and alt text stored in the Media Library.

We have also made some UI improvements and dressed up the appearance of the WPSiteSync for Content metabox. Download the latest version today and see it for yourself.  Let us know what you think!

Besides being the Scrum Master at ServerPress, LLC, Jennifer oversees the Product portfolio, leading Projects from conception to launch. When she’s not analyzing Workflow data, she enjoys watching her dogs steal tomatoes from her veggie garden.

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