VIP Access to WPSiteSync Bi-directional Pull Feature

WP Site Sync Bi directional Blog post pages content sync

Early Adopters now have access to the Bi-Directional sync feature, WPSiteSync for Pull .

Today, we announce the launch of WPSiteSync 1.1, along with our first batch of Extensions. The bigger news is that with the Pull Extension, WPSiteSync can now sync blog posts and pages bi-directionally.

The latest Free Release can be downloaded at If you are interested in the bi-directional Content Sync Feature, be sure to join our Early Adopter VIP Membership.

In our Early Adopter VIP Membership, not only will you receive prompt regular updates and priority support, you will gain exclusive previews of ALL upcoming extensions prior to Public Release.

Did we mention FULL access and UNLIMITED Downloads?

As an Early Adopter, you will be signed up as a WPSiteSync Premium Member. This means, you have FULL access to all the extensions available in the Premium Membership Tier. Plugin installations are UNLIMITED, on any website you like.

Early Adopters get ALL the GOODIES

Besides supporting a game changing project, Early Adopters receive perks such as:

Low Introductory Discount at over 50% off!
Membership Renewal Discounts
FULL Access to our Premium Membership Extensions
UNLIMITED Installation of our Extensions
Exclusive Preview of upcoming features
Early Access to Extension Releases
Exclusive Club shaping the direction of the Product (and receiving public credit)
Prompt Updates with quality code
Priority Support by our #1 rated Support Team in the Industry

Early Adopters are the Heart and Soul of a Product

Early Adopters shape the direction of the Project. We invite you to join our VIP Club.  In appreciation for our Early Adopters,  we will be offering VIP Club Members more Bonuses & Rewards! At ServerPress, we are committed to your Business Success.

Join us!  See you at the VIP table!

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