Should you use a local or staging environment?

ServerPress WPSiteSync Deployment Staging or Local Environment

As independent Freelancers, we wear many hats. Besides business operations, we are the sales consultant, the developer and sometimes the content writer. To maximize our efforts, we lean on effective tools and efficient workflow to save time.

Some have asked us where they should install WPSiteSync.

The answer depends on the your profession and task description. If you are in the business of managing content such as Marketing Agencies, SEO Experts or general Site Admin, we recommend installing WPSiteSync on both the Staging and Live sites. For Website Developers, we recommend installing in the Local environment in addition to Staging and Live sites.

Proper workflow explained.

Ideally, all working environments have the same code base, theme, plugin configuration and Content. However, syncing Content easily wasn’t always possible in the past. Now, website deployment is simpler than ever with WPSiteSync.

If you are a Developer, you tend to live in your Local Environment. When your code is complete, you push it to the Staging environment to double-check your work. This is also a great place to get customer feedback before project finalization. If you are working with other developers, the Staging Environment offers you the opportunity to synchronize your work at each phase to make sure everyone is moving in the same direction before publishing your work on the Live Site.

If you are a Content Creator, you’re most likely working in the Staging Environment. This is where you can put in all content before going live. Let’s face it, as a Pro, it’s unlikely that you will never have revisions to your work. WPSiteSync provides the Freedom to push your modified content live with a simple push of a button. No need to wait for the entire database to upload or overwrite other changes that have been made on the Live Site, eliminating “Cowboy Coding.”

Most of us like shortcuts.

As a Freelancer, you are probably thinking the above recommended workflows are a bit of an overkill. You may be right. You will need to make the determination on where to take shortcuts without compromising the integrity of the project being delivered.

Some developers only work with Local and Live environments, skipping the Staging Environment all together.  Some Content Creators strictly work with Live sites, never incorporating a Staging Environment into their workflow. This is risky.

We strongly encourage proper deployment protocols, utilizing at least all three of the environments mentioned above. This will save you time, energy and lots of heartache during a Project Launch.

Besides being the Scrum Master at ServerPress, LLC, Jennifer oversees the Product portfolio, leading Projects from conception to launch. When she’s not analyzing Workflow data, she enjoys watching her dogs steal tomatoes from her veggie garden.

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