Q: Do I need DesktopServer in order to use WPSiteSync?

We were at a conference not too long ago. Besides seeing old friends, we met new WPSiteSync enthusiasts!

The question that kept popping up was whether DesktopServer is required in order for WPSiteSync to function. We are excited to say: No!

WPSiteSync was designed from the beginning to work with any two WordPress sites. And we do mean any!

While your Source site (the site you’re moving your Content from) can be a local site running on DesktopServer, it can also be built using WAMP, LAMP, IIS, Vagrant or any number of other technologies.

Your Target site (the site you’re moving your Content to) can also use any technology. We’ve used another DesktopServer site as a Target site, as well as a staging environment on a test server, a subdomain on a live server, and a production environment running your live site. The two sites don’t even need to be running the same version of WordPress for WPSiteSync to be able to synchronize content between them. Cool or what?

So as long as you have two WordPress sites and you want to be able to synchronize Content between them, WPSiteSync can help with that. Even if DesktopServer is not part of your Workflow.

If you’ve used WPSiteSync in new and interesting ways, we’d love to hear your story. Tell us about your development or staging environments and how you’re using WPSiteSync and we’ll share that with our audience.

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