Officially in Release Candidate

WPSiteSync Content Sync for WordPress blog posts and pages

The magic continues! We are excited to announce that WPSiteSync for Content is officially in Release Candidate this week!

If you have not downloaded your latest copy, you can do so at The Release Candidate will be in the repo by Friday, 05/20/2016.

After oodles of testing (yes, that’s a technical term) and valuable customer feedback, we feel confident that you’ll be pleased with WPSiteSync’s performance.

To date, we’ve made these improvements to ensure a solid Release Candidate:

  • Created work-around for missing apache_request_headers() function: Not all hosts make this function available so we came up with a means of obtaining this information when this function is not available.
  • Fixed a few runtime errors: There are always a few of these around and we cleaned up everything we could find.
  • Fixed taxonomy syncing issue when taxonomy entries do not exist on the Target: We found that, in some cases, when the taxonomy term did not exist on the Target system, the taxonomies didn’t end up getting created correctly.
  • Fixed media upload issue for images referenced within Post Content: We made some fixes when Syncing Content that contains image references, or tags. All the images referenced within the Content, along with a post’s Featured Image, are now pushed to the Target System.
  • Fixed CSS conflict; optimized loading of CSS and Javascript within the admin: This was causing a conflict with the WP Product Feed Manager plugin.
  • Implemented an authentication token system so we do not have to store Target passwords: Removing the need to store user ids and passwords of accounts on the Target system is a big security improvement.
  • Fixed issue with removing Featured Image setting on Target when Syncing: If a post has it’s Featured Image removed, this fact is now updated on the Target system, removing the Featured Image from the post during the Syncing process.

We ask you for your support! Please continue to provide us with your suggestions. Together, we aim to provide a solid product for the WordPress Community.

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