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wpsitesync content push and pull

I don’t know about you but we are stoked at the ServerPress Camp! Both WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions and WPSiteSync for Menus are almost ready. We are in our final stages of production.

As promised, Premium Members will be getting the new Extensions before they are available to the public. So, look out for an eMail notification from us with License Key information. If you haven’t done so, please white list all eMails from and

WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions explained.

WPSiteSync for Content (free download at was specifically designed to Sync one blog post or page at a time. However, Customers have informed us that there are cases where they wished they could Sync multiple pages at once. You will be able to Push all new page Content from the page list view before a website launch.

WPSiteSync for Bulk Actions makes Content deployment super simple! Combined with WPSiteSync for Pull, this tool becomes Bidirectional, just like other WPSiteSync plugins.

WPSiteSync for Menus explained.

Menus placement can make or break a design. Menu organization can affect page views and sales conversion. The Navigation Menus are often overlooked in website maintenance.

Trying to Sync Menu settings between sites can be a tedious task. Next to Blog Posts and Pages, Menus is another popular area within the WordPress Dashboard that is often modified.

By using WPSiteSync for Menus, you can now Push and Pull Menu settings as easy as Syncing Blog Posts and Pages. When you do this, it also syncs the menu hierarchies, custom CSS classes, menu titles, and all other data associated with your menu.

So, Stay Tuned!

We will be releasing more information and a firm Release Date on both plugins soon!

If you’d like to receive these plugins at a deep discounted rate, please sign up for the Early Adopter Membership Now! We have not set a firm date on when the Early Adopter Program will end yet but we can tell you that it is ending in the very near future!

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