Bi-directional Syncing coming soon!

WPSiteSync by ServerPress bidirection sync push and pull

Many have asked if we can make WPSiteSync for Content sync bi-directionally.

The answer is YES! As a matter of a fact, it is the first of many extensions we will be releasing to our Members. This extension is called WPSiteSync for Pulling.

How does it work?

Currently, WPSiteSync for Content allows a developer to Push content from the staging environment to a live environment. This is helpful in many ways.

  1. You, the Professional, can double-check the content before it goes live, saving time. You no longer need to create your content twice.
  2. You can get Client approval (and receive the final payment) before going live. Imagine not having to chase down Clients.
  3. Syncing isolated content is now as easy as 1-2-3, without copying the entire database. No need to wait for downloads and uploads.

WPSiteSync by ServerPress content pushing and pulling

With WPSiteSync for Pulling, a developer can Pull content from the live environment to a staging or local environment. This significantly supercharges your workflow efficiency.

  1. With a simple press of a button, you can now Pull the existing live content to your staging environment. When you are done making the modification, Pushing the revised content back to the live environment is just as easy, saving even more time.
  2. The beauty of WordPress is that Clients can manage their own Content, but we know this is a double-edge sword as this capability can also be a thorn to us as developers. By forming the habit of always Pulling the live content to your local environment before making changes, you always know you are working with the latest modified content.

When is WPSiteSync for Pulling being Released?

WPSiteSync for Pulling is set to be released this month. If you are interested in this extension and all of our future extensions, please do sign up for our Newsletter. Be the first to know what’s happenin’!

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